Welcome to  Invisible Ground


     My version of - Dear Mr. Fantasy

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                     Invisible Ground 
                                 ROY MIA

                 Steve Campbell                  Ray J Carter             Billy Hurd


        Check out this slide show of our
                      1st instrument giveaway/concerts

           We partied w/ Little Ray and Brandy Bob Poulin  

              Steve sits high in the seat as great drummer

          I help get things ready - 1st annual OFR Concert  


                             Billy and Roy @ Roy's place   

     Ray's bass playin' always raises the potential for us as a band

     Go Steve Go - I think this is his Jump Into the Fire - solo

   me and Steve at open mic - one of the best 2 piece bands around

            We playing @ Italian American Club -Ellington, Ct. 

                 @ the Jager Haus in Vernon w/ Eric jamming away

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