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Teach A Kid Music 1st Instrument Giveaway and Concert
was on March 26th
Michael's Penalty Box
11 Daly Rd. Coventry Ct.


Giveaway started at 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Concert started at 9:00 pm

Invisible Ground's Champagne Jam

 We opened the stage to area musicians, and had an awesome night of music. We provided a full stage PA with a 5 piece Ludwin (vintage) drum set.   

      2nd Annual 
Fundraiser / 3 Band Concert / Buffet Banquet
August 30th  @ the
Hall  Fame Billiards
                                    105 West St. / Rt. 83  Ellington, Ct  
                          (860) 872-6282

Was a great success Thanx to all
Help support a worthy cause
We raised $475.00 for the evening
Thanx to all

          The staff of OFR has had the honor of working with our Nation's wounded Heroes,
and their families on a daily basis for several years.
         Through donations the following accomplishments have been possible:
2,251 wounded Heroes and their families have received assistance with:
* mortgage & rent * utilities * vehicle payments * groceries. 1103 wounded Heroes and their
families have received air transportation. 1,043 wounded Heroes and their families
have received ground transportation and lodging. 5,341 OFR Backpacks have been sent to
Combat Support Hospitals in Theatre. Thousands of wounded Heroes and their family
members have received emotional support. All have received the honor and respect
that they so rightfully deserve!
         We work closely with case workers across the nation that bring the needs of our
Heroes and their families to us. Because of the support and generosity of our
Volunteers and Donors, we are able to meet thousands of those needs.
         Our caring and compassionate staff goes above and beyond to impress upon our Military
our deep respect and gratefulness to each of them. 
We need you to continue our mission! 
**Please Donate Today!**

Operation First Response is a 501 (c) 3 Tax Exempt nonprofit organization formed in the State of Virginia.
Your donation to OFR is tax deductible though each donor should consult their independent tax expert
as to utilization of donation for beneficial tax purposes.
Donations are used for our Wounded Heroes and their Families.
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