Welcome to  Invisible Ground

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 You touched my life - You sliced my heart 

                                      You burn me, burn me,burn me with your fire
                          Billy Hurd's - Listen To Me
                                                                                                (unfinished lyrics)
                          PRESS PLAY TO LISTEN


                                          Hello my name is Billy Hurd.

         I was born and raised in Boston Ma., and began playing the Blues Harp in 1972. Boston was a good place to learn to play, there were lots of good harp players around........ 


    Some of my achievements of that time are: 

                 I got to attend a harp class at the school of Contemporary Music, sponsored by James Montgomery, that started me learning music theory. I befriended Seth Holzman of the Jaguars at that time. He prompted me to write a train rhythm called Super Train that is still a favorite harp songtoday.

                 Studied more theory from a cat named Wendell Western, jazz guitarist. Wendell also played some for the Delphonics at that time. Toured with a rock band called Contraz for a 1 summer tour. They substituted me on harp for their saxist. Made for a good experience. They had a big sound and were very structured in their renditions. I basically had free reign in the background, and learned to dual with guitar for leads. 

                 Sat-in and played with Mr. Piano Red, aka Dr. Feelgood, aka Willie Lee Perryman while I was in Atlanta, Ga. 1978. We went to the Atlanta Underground one afternoon, and I saw someone playing piano at a place that had a big window that was a store front. I followed the sound to a club called The Flaming Hurricane. I introduced myself and took out a brand new G harp, and we jammed good for awhile. When we started we were alone, however when I looked up there was a thick crowd around us. They cheered for a long time. I learned then that instruments played well, can tell stories or convey messages. He was a really good player. 

                 1980 moved to Valdosta Ga., and was introduced to Country music. Played with David Carpenter, Joel Mathis, Willie Carver .......... many really good players from the South Georgia/North Florida area ........ God bless them all. I loved playing a weekly gig with the Bulls which featured Morris and Jack Smith.  Heart felt hello and goodwill goes out to Luke Smith of The Lost Southern Boys, Joe Smothers of Skannyarnold, Joe Matchet of Zeal, and also the Straughter Family with their 10 Oaks Country Club. I also formed a country band called Cedar Creek. We were the house band for a club call the Southern Comfort Saloon for a time.   

                  Invisible Ground was first started in 1990 as a song writing group, and was open to any musician that had an original song they wanted to play. At that time I was playing weekly jams with Kenny Demitt (saxist), and a band called CrossRoads, so there was an open stage to help organize. I bought a 4 track recorder and entered a national amateur songwriting contest sponsored by Billboard and KFC that year. I entered 3 songs and won 2 top 10 percent awards, (out of approx 22,000 applicants), I am continuing to write songs ........... etc ..........

         Etc …………… time goes on ..............
I work hard, write and play whenever I can,
                              however in 2001 I moved back to the New England area ...........
                 here I am in Coventry Ct. today ........... still playing and enjoying music ........... 
                                                             ......... and .........

                                                    So now, as of then, 
             the dream of making Invisible Ground successful 
                        has become a reality, and a pursuit.


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