Welcome to  Invisible Ground

   .... you are listening to .... billy hurd's - white line
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Check out a few original songs from
Billy Hurd's - 'Invisible Ground Music' page

For booking details call Billy Hurd
:::::(860) - 882 - 7457:::::

or e-mail me at

Love to do Benefits for our Community, Friends
and all those who strive to do good things

Performances include 1 manband  - Billy Hurd
additional musicians can be added as needed
up to 5 piece band

Also can hire out as a lead or fill-in harp player
quaranteed to help create a big sound in any musical situation

So enjoy the music and have a lovely 

Invisible Ground Kinda' Day 

"Teach A Kid Music Show, is one of the coolest things we do."

More Pictures - Check Out- Photo page

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!!!! Have Fun !!!!


Long Live the Hall of Fame Billiards
as of the first of the year the Hall of Fame Billiards will no longer be in business

Unfortunately economics has again robbed our community of a great place to play, hear and enjoy good music.
We hosted this Open Mic every Wed Nite for the last 3 yrs. and it will be sad to see these guys go.

 Check back on future updates. 


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